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Nothing Like the First Time

by Watsky

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released June 11, 2012

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nils Montan


all rights reserved



gwatsky Los Angeles, California

George Watsky is a poet, author and hip hop artist.


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Track Name: Ninjas in Paris
I'm driving to the burbs and before I am coming back
I'm pulling in your driveway and I'm rolling front to back
I'm shifting forward then reverse my car a bunch as if my Subaru's a wiener getting sexy with your cul de sac
LOLOLOL I'm from the avenue
a rapping labradoodle half a wasp and half a jew
If you's a Saturday cartoon I'll smack ya black and blue
I'm actin ratchet with daffy duck and snackin on rabbit stew
yabadadoo, I gotta lick my lips
Smoke a bowl with yogi bear I'm stickin up your pic-a-nics
All of this is in my head my magination's colorful
Crayons on the brain I scribble silly shit all on my skull
Holy cow
I don't think they're gonna hold me down
I recommend you listen to the record in a theater with the Dolby Sound
And I'm sipping on the coldest round
with preppies and the goldie locks
but I bet bunch a hunnits everybody's gonna scatter in a minute when the police knocks
Like Sorry ocifer
That getting sloshed occurred
But rastas broke in and they made us all smoke lossa herb
I'm sorry, honest abe, popo don't take me 'way 'way
Cause if you ever try to lock me up I'm pleading cray cray
And then they'll all say mayday! Mayday! Oh, what did we do?
he be creepy giving me the heebee jeebies, he be hebrew
he be robo, beep boop beep boop, please untie me! he's behind me!
What's 50 grand to a motherfucker like me, can you please remind me?
Track Name: Rich Girl
Verse 1
Am I the only one who thinks a bit of soul is nice?
some women suck it from you like the poltergeist
Cause I can tell the time of day without a diamond on my wrist, I give a __ about your rolly's price
I like em bold, and I'll roll the dice
Cause I been crushing on all these crunchy granola types
I'm over being over it and women on a mission got my heart melting like polar ice
I might
Be looking for a little bit of Bay
A little San Francisco in these women in LA
nothing I can say
And if you're being fake
you should be walking away
I don't play babe
don't give a damn how low your earings hang
your favorite brand, I don't needa hear it, dang
Cause Everybody's born nekked and maybe later I'll be licking on your Gucci
and you, rubbing my Vera Wang

Verse 2
sooner or later you'll figure out it's a hard world
you could get stronger doing arm curls
But this is a stickup and I'm coming saying break yourself, better gimme that heart girl
Just put it in the bag
And if I give it back
Don't put it in the trash
cause I been looking for a patna with a passion saying
Don't recycle
Don't recycle me
But in this economy
I don't really think it's cute for you to flaunt your property
What about some modesty?
that'd be a shock to me
cause the only time you walk on the block is on a shopping spree
mother-eff that song and dance
baby girl there's not a chance
not unless you wanna grab a coffee in pajama pants
we'll be looking like we just rolled out of bed together
all we really need is you and me
Track Name: IDGAF
Verse 1
Cause I'm a bachelor
So Fuck attachin a
label to life we're living and imagine a
future where we won't be living in the past
I'll be flipping birds like a chicken breast on a spatula
so if you're bragging then you can forget it
And if it thunders and if it rains and pours, let it
And in the morning then it'll hit you that George said it
They gave him a fuck, he returned it for store credit
but don't be sore yet
If you got a score, settle it
cause it's more pleasure with
Fun before etiquette
Get up on the table and pour your drinks
get it, but
don't be boneheaded
it's for your own benefit
I'll be getting open and seeking my seventh heaven irreverent, while you be seeking a reverend or Pope Benedict
you got a stick where the sun don't shine?
well that's fine
But remember that


Verse 2
all I wanna do is get my mind right
if I'm looking at tomorrow check my eyesight
all i'm gonna focus on's this fine night
cause all I know this life is finite
never neverland isn't more than a legend and so I gotta be digging the present session and getting this
wedging myself up into the wettest crevices, effortless
grabbing a piece of the flesh, if you love it then why fight
some people slower than a nineties modem
wanna see the nips, it's a while to loadem
if life is a woman she's got some epic titties and I wanna get up in it and live it and motorboatem
Cause I wanna see the cool and the classy
And I wanna see the cruel and the nasty
Cause if it's real shit
Lemme feel it
And if you can't deal
Track Name: Difference is the Differences
Suspended the same month I won the city science fair
I won most likely to succeed and teachers nightmare
guess I was quite scary, some hate a binary
Sent to the principals office straight from the libary
But since my voice was about as high as Mariah Carey
When I had the douchey spiky hair like Guy Fieri
my flavor was a mystery you never knew what you were getting it could be some mild or some Wild Cherry
just read my diary, cause I'm wirey
But I'm irie, and I spit it firey, hire me
I wouldn't hurt a fly
Though sensitive you never heard me cry
but i got a certified dirty mind
So grab some turpentine, a dash of listerene
And splash my mouth out with a gallon jug of Mister Clean
i'm flashing on every asshole up in the classroom
I'm planning on coming sick I hope you had your antihistamines
before I split the scene, and we can puff pass
Cause I'm an honor roll kid who liked to cut class
A babyface but I tend to shave with a cutlass
and If you switch the picture to HD you'll see my mustache
I tend to slow it down when they want just fast
I'm a vegetarian who thinks that PETA sucks ass
I bring the ruckus, while shmucks be kissing my tuchus, I bookishly bust it nasty, you should be rocking a dust mask
I like smoking dope, but won't pop a pill
I think Oprah's ill, but I loathe Dr. Phil
I got the propers to a topple your whole metrstopolis stomp an impossible obstacle I won't stoppin to chill
From Chapel Hill to the big apple I travel the map just trampling bastards but then I handle their hospital bill
If there's beez in the trap I'm catching em
By the thorax and abdobin
and sanding the stingers down to a rough quill
Then I dip em in ink, and I scribble a bit
But if it they wriggle then I tickle em untill they hold still
Lemme say it again
In my land of pretend
I use bees as a motherfuckin pen
But a lot of the guys I know
have been saying that I'm so so
they're not a believer
That I'm a keeper
b-b-But I don't know
Maybe it's cause I be looking like Leave it to Beaver they're thinking that I don't flow
even if I could be running in circles around em as if I'm gyroscope
I'll enter the draft and I'm thinking I might go pro
Running the jungle like I'm an albino rhino
deep in the undergrowth
Fuck a disaster, bring on the asteroids
Never gonna gonna be massacred like all of the dinos though
Bring on primal vinyl magic show
I'm turning a blind eye to the bullcrap, waving bye bye
zippity doo dah
suck on my booty
done with the bad luck
put on my brass knucks
And I cold cock any Pol Pot in the whole spot, with that boom
I'm Fiddler on the Roof hitting Hitler in his fruits of the loom
I'm Jew, on the right side but it's true
I'm a Christian on the left
side of my family crest, dude
I've been to public school and private, been unpopular and popular and I don't think people pop from a test tube
Track Name: Gummy Bear Hundrednaire
keep it fresh like i'm tupperwear
quail man, outside underwear
I'm the Mail man, I always deliver
I don't have it in pocket then I got it in my other pair
Baggin saggin Barry
slap an adversry
I'm not tan
A lady had been sucking on my milky body till my neck was like be the only place I didn't have a hicky busting all my capillaries
I'm a human I'm cyborg uniform
find me riding on five horn unicorn
Five horns cause it got five heads
Five heads And they all got dreads
Neon dreads, watch the braids glow
We're Going dummy getting blazed on a rainbow
Blaze the rainbow, so enfuego
It's great to see you Today Show
I'm in the future on the Day After Tomorrow Show
smoke a fatty while you're puffing on a Marlbro
I don't have to be a billionaire
I'm a gummy bear hundrednaire stacking all the Haribo
and i got sickest barrio
And I got the biggest heart and so
every time I see an adorable little puppy I be working on cardio
i'm working on my Carter flow
I'm Atilla the Hun I'm bucking the run of mill I'm a fucking gorilla I'm coming thrillem and I'm no bigger than a garden gnome
And I'm not gonna stop till locked in a coffin
No fuck that, I'll keep going off when dead and I'm rotten and propped up and stuffed full of cotton
Track Name: A Hundred Words You Could Say Instead of Swag
Chorus (x2)
I thought Swag was dead way before this
I thought Swag had been buried in the forest
But then Bieber said Swag in a chorus
And I went and bought a big fat thesarus

Verse 1
you're a Boss hog, you're a top dog
You're so slamming, that I would say you've got pogs
You're suave, swell, sick
In the sense of being ill, chill, slick

You're hip, You're a hit, You're the tits, You're it
If I were being rude then I would say you're the SSHSHHHHS--
Shimmy shimmy cocopuffs, You're so loco
you're so dope it's nuts. you're raw as an open cut

You're bold, you're golden, You're Funner
a stone cold stunner, A real mean mugger
You're colder than the other side of my pillow
or hot as the underside of the cover in a los angeles summer

You're not dumb and dumber, You're smart and smarter
You're hard and harder You're Peter Parker
right after the spider bite You're so dynamite
brightest light A hypest hype

you're so zen, you're a ten, you're gem
Creme de la creme de la creme de la creme

In 1860 Walt Whitman wrote "I cock my hat as I please" in his famous poem Leaves of Grass
In 2012 Just Bieber said "Swag swag swag swag, on you
Chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue
I don't know about me, but I know about you
So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag


Verse 2 (Doubletime)
presence, essence, pizzazz, panache, dashing flash, brazzen and brash,
the verve, the nerve, the truth, the proof the cash the passion and the class
better than ever, cool as cucumber, smoother than butter, a little bit smug
Hotter than a mug, eye of the Tiger, the heart of a lion, The look of thug

pick of the litter, The Attitude, the cleanup hitter, The baddest dude
totally sure, full of allure, a raconteur, the poison and cure
gravitas, glamour, you're dropping the hammer, a swashbuckling, debonaire
An A lister, with X Factor, capital G with the best hair

Dragon slayer, the franchise player, The king, the president, governer, mayor
You're rare, the opposite of square and pompus, You're shaped with flair like a rhombus
confident, jaunty, awesomely saucy, You got more props than Ghandi
You got it on lock, got rocks and moxie, like you're rocking some brand new socksies

from city to city the grittiest kid, and he might be little bit cocky
But saying Swag is obnoxious
And if you be looking capture the confident way that I'm walking and talking there's options
Just say he's got 'Watsky"
Track Name: All I Ever Wanted
All I wanted to do is write rhymes
All I ever wanted to do is write rhymes
All I ever wanted to do is write rhymes
(Huh?) Is that a crime?
(What?) To write rhymes?

Verse 2
I don't be an economist
I don't want to be a cheap novelist
I don't want to be a weed or a botanist
I don't want to be a pimp or bottom bitch
I don't want to be a strip club manager
And I'd hate to be a strip club janitor
Mopping up for crusty ass customer, bust in their nuts in the cuts I
Just wanna bust a verse
I don't wanna be a court jester
I don't want to be a royal poison tester
I don't wanna pick up dog crap for park and rec
And I don't want to be a doghouse architect
I don't want to be a server
I don't want to flip beef burgers
be a beat maker,
a wal mart greeter
A CEO, an astronaut or a fucking sheep herder

Verse 3
But the sad fact is, most real folks don't get don't get to practice
What we love for a living
we do backflips
And no matter where we're at on the atlas
Earth spins on its axis
back to the rat race
Run the hampster wheel
At a mad pace
we'll run laps till our last days
Just a beast till the last rose petal drops in the glass case

I'm one of a lucky bunch
But I upchuck my free lunch when sucker punched
I'm fucking up, I don't want to free pass
When my ancestors potatoes rotted in the field they would have to eat grass
And folks put on ski masks
when their back's against the wall throwing right hooks
And I just wanna pen verses, write hooks
Man I'm such lucky asshole
Someone fucking slap me with my rhymebook
Track Name: Other Cities
There might be other cities
Half as raw as our
Out in some other distant galaxy
Among the stars
(But I doubt it)

Verse 1
Nothing like the feeling of plane flight homeward
The way my stomach dips when the landing gear's lowered
Because no matter how many miles that I wander
The Bay Bridge curves like smile on the water
I'm like What up, missy
Tell me were you missing me
Whith this Pretty city skyline lit up like a christmas trees
The little building shimmers pinky rings from tiffany's
Every time I witness the I have a damn epihany
That This is me
I was built by all history
I got six or seven memories on every single street
I never missed a beat city pride
All is foggy sky got me misty eyed

Verse 2
We don't play tiny violins over minor things
we slide into the ring taking Tyson swings
Because this city will defend our fucking pride and raise each other up like Simba in the Lion King
We're not shy
I ain't no coy coward
I'll by doing trust falls offa Coit tower
my boys on the groundfloor providing man power
But if I die now mix me into clam chowder
Put me in a breadbowl
feed me to the seagulls
Just not the tourists
I'm sure they're peachy people
I get I'm just a purist
It isn't oil but there's something in our water and it's got me feeling diesel
Track Name: Write Your Name
Verse 1
yesterday i signed my first tit
soft with the pen because i didn't want to burst it
I did it cursive. i took my sweet time
i tried to put my personality in each line
like I do with each rhyme
cause in the worst case
that's what put this bust in my custody in the first place
now i'm rounding first base, cruising cause I paid dues
dude, i called my roommates and I gave them all the great news
they're pitiless
but so many nights up at the motel 6, tittyless
after gigs with hideously small crowds
it's been 4 years of playing colleges in small towns
i'm through with all doubt
I'm ready to bloom from wallflower
and just ball out
and live my fantasy
and if i ever get my name on a grammy it's for my family
But for me I just can't top the memory of my john hancock on that mamory

Why are we
Shy to be
Who we all would like to be?
Write your name so big and bold that the entire world can see
although you
Can't undo
All the pain that you've been through
Write your name
Write your name
Write your name

Verse 2
The future's here, and it's tangible
and kind of spongy
I'm a commie but I love my fucking country right now
just let play the fillmore and die now
i couldn't give a damn about who's raising an eyebrow
I thought I'd failed, I prayed for so long
God said "no way," but i'm all like, 'come oooon'
and he's all like "okay"
and at first i'm all like "don't play"
but them i'm all like "hooray!"
and i grabbed that baton
and i ran like a Cavs fan, away from Lebron
now they gab about me in pubs and salons
and they're mad to admit it, but pale kid's the bomb
from anonymous geek
to Don Juan in a week
and I'm calm,
but if ever i seem gloomy
i can't stress enough how much this means to me
i held the tears in, cause i didn't dare to dream
of the most beauteous boobie i've ever seen



right now (repeat)

right right right right on my command
the world is a booby that's in the palm of my hand
Track Name: Stupidass
If I could go back then (back then)
If I could go back when (back when)
And step into the past (way back)
I'd do it all again (again)
If I could go back then (back then)
If I could go back when (back when)
I was a stupidass (dumbass)
I'd do it all again (again)

Verse 1
I might have a weak chin, but i don't have a glass jaw
so watch your fist glance off my cheek skin and back off
i cut my teeth on the blacktop, i'm used to something cruel
cause in my youth, my tooths were crowded as the public schools
where we moved above the rules
where the currency was percocets
where i showed up early rocking headgear and turtlenecks
this nerd'll flex and you won't see this man pout
cause the traits that got us beat down, are what make us stand out
so let your tongue hang out if you got lips like Mick Jagger
plant and stand proud with that little kid swagger
the subtle it factor of the baddest individuals
cause adamant originals don't end up in pigeon holes
which gets my thinking it's a damn shame dorks
don't pop their pimples like they're champagne corks
I work the quirks, cause if I didn't start sloppily
I'd never clean up this cotdamn properly

Verse 2
I never threw like Elway
or overthrew like El Che
so i moved to LA, to the land of milk and self hate
But one day, I'll strip and then strut buck down the sunset strip as it was a runway
I'm thinking maybe Sunday
and if you need sensei for sexy, just text me. I stay by San Vicente and La Brea where the rent's cheap
so you can't tempt me, with a Beamer, Benz or Bentley
that's complete with penis envy, and even keyless entry
'cause see, I'm makeing ends meet, care to be friendly?
And make ends meet? In my backseat in an awkward frenzy
Once in a parking lot while practicing anatomy
I was knocking elbows till the music zapped the battery
and dammit it was bad but I'm not mad I brought my A game
even we sat there naked the man from Triple A came
and it was way lame, but I've got on good authority,
she boldly told the sordid story to her whole sorority

Verse 3
Some days I wake up and i wonder 'what would Buddha do?'
And then I jump into my fruity little Subaru
some dudes'll front 'how do you do, mama?'
because some women see the mula, and say 'ooh lala'
but i say 'woo-sah'
i don't smooch on muchachas who need mucha
to mooch off. i'm cool for like a futon out in Utah
a yurt up in the yukon
when hurtin but i'll go back to herding stupid yaks in Bhutan
or cop a coupe with coupons
but when you get a F.U.P.A. like a dugong
i'll treat you supa dupa we can't do wrong
cause beauty is a dude who puts the moves on, then moves on
we're all moving as true pawns
and get chewed in the food chain
we're all nude in the new dawn
brain screwed on
with a plain birthday suit on
so let's graduate human, summa cum laude, huge honors,
so you goners should do the do and do wander the blue yonder
cause trying to fool the future takes too long
Track Name: Bucketlist
So much to do
So much to see
So much for you
So much for me
So much to do and see
So much for you and me

When I'm thirty five I'll learn to work a potter's wheel
When I'm forty I'll forty go streaking at a soccerfield
And if they try to tackle me then I'll distract em flapping my arms and happily shrieking like a coccatiel
When I'm sixty I'll get really really fat
And then go back to skinny really really fast
And then go skydiving with no parachute and glide around like I'm a flying squirrel with my skinflaps
Like a creepy Aladin
Cause there's no feat you can't achieve if you believe it can happen
If yesterday's a pain in the ass
tomorrow's an aspirin
and you might be feeling better than you ever could imagine
At seventy I'll rock sandals with black socks
When I'm eighty I'll try heroin or crack rocks
Or both-- And mix em in a smoothie
I'll be old and toothless
And I'll be feeling groovy
I'll make out with school teachers
Chill at nude beaches
And free the zoo creatures
And if they tell me it's a issue for my health
I'll tell em bitch I'm ninety you can kindly fuck yourself
I'm just being really really really really really really really right right now
And so I just plan on doing what I really really really really feel like now

I probably won't bang all the girls I liked in high school
Although that would be quite cool
But I'll list their names out on some wide rule
And I'll call each one of them and tell them that I really would have liked to love em
back in the day
Not to be a creeper obviously
Just to see who'd respond positively
And just take it from there
We'll just take it from there
I hope you answer my prayers
We don't know what the future holds
Track Name: Wounded Healer (Deer Tick sample)
Verse 1
His footprints are fading away from the beach
We're not a family to pray or to preach
But daddy's best friend took a handful of pills and now he's at a podium making a speech
Yesterday night after dark
Hi carefully wrote his remarks
but everyone said what he put on his page so he threw it way and went straight from the heart

I thought this was a party
But all my friends are leaving
And I still want to play
You wrecked me to stepped out
cause you're the wounded healer
And you're supposed to stay

Verse 2
A year's a bottle in a bucket of trash
It'll tip over the more that it stacks
Didn't notice it till now but dad's been moving slower every time we play go play catch
I'm scared of the day when he carry's a cane
I carry his dream
I carry his name
And when papa is gone he will never be gone because the sound of our sneeze is the same

God bless I
hear your voice
In mine
I want to stop time
Like a carnival ride

I don't know what I'm saying but I mean it (repeat)


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