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from by Watsky



Beat: Heart of the City by Jay-Z


There might be other cities
Half as raw as our
Out in some other distant galaxy
Among the stars
(But I doubt it)

Verse 1
Nothing like the feeling of plane flight homeward
The way my stomach dips when the landing gear's lowered
Because no matter how many miles that I wander
The Bay Bridge curves like smile on the water
I'm like What up, missy
Tell me were you missing me
Whith this Pretty city skyline lit up like a christmas trees
The little building shimmers pinky rings from tiffany's
Every time I witness the I have a damn epihany
That This is me
I was built by all history
I got six or seven memories on every single street
I never missed a beat city pride
All is foggy sky got me misty eyed

Verse 2
We don't play tiny violins over minor things
we slide into the ring taking Tyson swings
Because this city will defend our fucking pride and raise each other up like Simba in the Lion King
We're not shy
I ain't no coy coward
I'll by doing trust falls offa Coit tower
my boys on the groundfloor providing man power
But if I die now mix me into clam chowder
Put me in a breadbowl
feed me to the seagulls
Just not the tourists
I'm sure they're peachy people
I get I'm just a purist
It isn't oil but there's something in our water and it's got me feeling diesel


from Nothing Like the First Time, released June 11, 2012


all rights reserved



gwatsky Los Angeles, California

George Watsky is a poet, author and hip hop artist.

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