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Ninjas in Paris

from by Watsky



Beat: N*ggas in Paris by Kanye West and Jay Z
Audio effects by Kush Mody


I'm driving to the burbs and before I am coming back
I'm pulling in your driveway and I'm rolling front to back
I'm shifting forward then reverse my car a bunch as if my Subaru's a wiener getting sexy with your cul de sac
LOLOLOL I'm from the avenue
a rapping labradoodle half a wasp and half a jew
If you's a Saturday cartoon I'll smack ya black and blue
I'm actin ratchet with daffy duck and snackin on rabbit stew
yabadadoo, I gotta lick my lips
Smoke a bowl with yogi bear I'm stickin up your pic-a-nics
All of this is in my head my magination's colorful
Crayons on the brain I scribble silly shit all on my skull
Holy cow
I don't think they're gonna hold me down
I recommend you listen to the record in a theater with the Dolby Sound
And I'm sipping on the coldest round
with preppies and the goldie locks
but I bet bunch a hunnits everybody's gonna scatter in a minute when the police knocks
Like Sorry ocifer
That getting sloshed occurred
But rastas broke in and they made us all smoke lossa herb
I'm sorry, honest abe, popo don't take me 'way 'way
Cause if you ever try to lock me up I'm pleading cray cray
And then they'll all say mayday! Mayday! Oh, what did we do?
he be creepy giving me the heebee jeebies, he be hebrew
he be robo, beep boop beep boop, please untie me! he's behind me!
What's 50 grand to a motherfucker like me, can you please remind me?


from Nothing Like the First Time, released June 11, 2012


all rights reserved



gwatsky Los Angeles, California

George Watsky is a poet, author and hip hop artist.

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