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Ghost Party w/ Mieka Pauley

from by Watsky & Mody



Based on the original song "We're All Gonna Die" by Mieka Pauley


Verse 1 (Mieka)
Minding my own business
Knock at the door, who is it?
Be right there, one minute
Gotta get up and go get it
Got white hair, eyes all crazy
Now most madmen don't faze me
But these guys, I'll admit it, got me scared we're finished

The scientists proved we're all gonna die
They got charts and equations, the how and the why
You did not invite em and neither did I
But they're here, drink up, we're all gonna die

Poetry section 1
Ghosts must always feel like they're visiting their old high school
They don't recognize any of these new kids
The halls, they twist the same, but there are all these odd new posters on the walls
When I'm trying to get to get bed
I start thinking about endings
And instead of simply counting trying to sleep
I'm counting down
I'm sacrificing sheep
At parties
I wander from room to room not sure what I'm looking for
I think I'm supposed to find another person here
when I smoke too much weed
And I get paranoid that every pair of eyes is glued to me
And maybe they are
And I'm not crazy
And the spirit of every bastard who ever had a drink in this place is back for old times' sake
Maybe there's a million of them
having their own party beside us
and they're staring
thinking, "Look at all those lonely, solid people
Pretending to check their cell phones
Grandma lived 99 years and never learned to drive
At the end of her life
She didn't know one person left in her own age
God's a bully and he makes it rain dodgeballs
You can stand off in the corner and you might last a little longer
But you'll never win that way

Verse 2 (Mieka)
I go do my laundry
Those dogs are right behind me
Get lost in some party
Those creeps will always find me
Who are they? What is this?
I mind my own damn business
Always there to remind me all about their findings


Poetry 2
You're telling me a little vodka could kill me?
How do you even know it's there?
it's so still you can see right through it
well you can see through me too,
said the ghost
and I'm here
You know because you can feel me
And that makes sense
Because I'm too fucked up to be skeptical right now
You get drunk and start believing in things
Like that shapes and even better shapes
Like that a night with some stranger's gonna make you happy
the only people brave enough for suicide are the cowards
We're all looking out of the corner of our eyes
For where to go next
Like "this party sucks, there must be someplace better"
the ghosts, they know we're thinking like chumps. they know it's not important who we go home with tonight.
Partly cause they can't generate friction, so they can't have sex
But mostly because party is right here
And it's the best party ever
I mean look bro, ben franklin is making out with marie curie
Fucking classic, Reagan's doing his falling out the window bit again,
Casper can't even hold his liquor
It goes right through him
You never seen smoke rings until you've seen a Ghengis Khan hit the hookah
Chris Farley'll even let you use him as a vaporizer bag if you ask real nice
Our eyes are little projectors
Life's a drive-in movie theater and my grandma needs a ride

I don't want to go
The way they say
If I gotta go let it be my way (X4)



from Watsky & Mody, released February 1, 2012
Bass:  Charlie Domingo
Guitar: Mieka Pauley 
Wurlitzer/Bells: Kush Mody
Vocals: Mieka Pauley
Additional engineering by Andrew Oedel


all rights reserved



gwatsky Los Angeles, California

George Watsky is a poet, author and hip hop artist.

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